Q: How much do I have to pay in order to reserve a particular date?

A: ½ of the room rental fee ($750 for rental Sunday through Thursday, $1000 for Friday rental, or $1250 Saturday rental).
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Q: How do I book a date at The Palladium?

A: Check the calendar on the website to confirm that the date is available. Then simply download the contracts, fill them out, and
return them
along with ½ of the room rental fee to The Palladium. You may send them either via U.S. Mail or, if you are in the
downtown area frequently, you may put them in the mail slot in the side door of the building.  You may also fill out the forms online.
You may either mail the deposit or you may come in person and pay with a credit card.  The room is only
considered reserved once your deposit is received.

Are there any additional expenses beyond the  room rental fee?

A: Yes, the $200 security deposit (conditionally refundable).

When are the remaining amounts due?

A: You have until 2 weeks prior to your event date to pay the remaining amounts due without incurring late charges or risking the
cancellation of your event.

What is the mailing address of The Palladium?

A: 729 Austin Avenue, Waco Texas, 76701

Do you take credit cards?

A: Yes.

Where do people park?

A: There is ample parking along the street for over 300 within one block of The Palladium. In addition to the street, many nearby
parking lots allow people to park in them for free on nights and weekends.

Whom do I make my checks payable to?

A: The Palladium

Will I need to contract for security during my event?

A: The Palladium will provide security guards as needed during the hours of the actual event. No security personnel will be present before the event start time.

I noticed on your calendar that a particular date was booked in the evening, is it possible I could book an event on the same date
in the morning?

A: No, The Palladium is only rented by the day.

Can I have alcohol at my event?

A: Yes, but you are responsible for following all federal, state, and local regulations in regards to alcohol distribution, possession
and consumption. You are also solely responsible for providing transportation for your intoxicated guests. Functions that involve
the sale of alcohol will need to get the necessary permits to do so and/or hire a licensed liquor caterer. In addition, all Baylor University rules
regarding alcohol and organizational functions will be strictly enforced. Also, be aware that Palladium security personnel will not
allow any guest to leave the premises with an open container of alcohol.

Can I have a keg at my event?

A: No, kegs are not allowed at The Palladium.

How long do I get The Palladium for the day of my event?

A: You have access to The Palladium from 9 am until 12 midnight the day of your event, but the last hour (11 pm to midnight) is
dedicated to cleaning. All parties must end promptly at 11 pm.

: I noticed in the rules section that we are responsible for setting up, breaking down, and cleaning the room … can I pay extra to
have The Palladium do these functions?

A: No, The Palladium is not staffed to perform those functions, but most caterers in town and all of the party rental places that I am
aware of will perform these functions for you for a reasonable fee.

I noticed in some of the pictures you have on your website beautiful chair-covers, plants and other types of decorations, are these
included in the price?

A: No, only chairs, tables and white square table cloths are provided by The Palladium; everything else you see was either purchased
by the renters or was rented from a party supply place like Celebration Central, Action, RSVP, or Pendley’s.

Does The Palladium have a catering operation?

A: No, if you want food at your event you will need to hire a caterer to provide it. You can have any caterer you wish, and can even
bring the food in yourself, but under no circumstances will you be allowed to cook the food on the premises. I can recommend a
list of caterers if needed.

Does The Palladium have a kitchen?

A: Yes, there is a 500 square foot caterer’s kitchen in the rear of the facility, but no cooking equipment is provided. The caterer’s
kitchen does have a large double-door refrigerator, a freezer, a 300 pound ice machine, and a triple sink, all of which can be used
with no additional cost for the duration of your event.

Does The Palladium have any kind of audio-visual equipment, or a podium to use?

A: A PA system with an iPod/iPhone dock is available.  There is also a projector and a screen in the room.  Please ask for specifics.