The Room Rental Fee is non-refundable: if you cancel your event, you lose it.
Final payment is due 2 weeks prior to the event. Failure to pay your balance in full within 2 weeks of
your event will result in a $25 a day late fee; failure to pay the balance due in full (including late fees) by the
day of the event will result in the cancellation of the event.
If you bring it in, take it out. All garbage should be taken to the dumpsters behind the building at the
conclusion of the event. Permission must be obtained in advance, in writing from The Palladium, to leave
items in the building beyond the midnight deadline. These items will be stored at a rate of $25 per day for a
maximum of 7 days or until the security deposit is used up, whichever comes first. All items left inside
The Palladium without permission or left beyond the agreed upon period will be considered abandoned,
and will be immediately disposed of.
Leave the room as you found it: remember that The Palladium does not do the setup, or the takedown. After
the event, you are expected to stack the tables and chairs against the nearest wall, pick up any garbage,
sweep, and spot mop as necessary where spills have occurred. Linens are to be brought to the kitchen area
at the conclusion of the event for final count and return.
Remember that you must be out of The Palladium by midnight; leave time for cleaning when planning your
event. All parties are to end promptly at 11 pm in order for you to have time to clean and be out by midnight.
If you have alcohol, you're responsible. It is the sole responsibility of the lessee to adhere to federal,
state, and local laws in regards to alcohol, as well as to provide transportation to any intoxicated guests.
If you don’t want this responsibility you are strongly encouraged to hire a liquor caterer. Kegs are not allowed.
Guests are not allowed to leave with an open container.
If your event includes music, music volume must be kept at reasonable levels (to be determined by
Any decorations attached to the building must be approved of beforehand by management. All candles must
be enclosed in glass. The Palladium highly discourages the use of confetti, glitter, bubbles, rice, tape or other
things which would make your job of cleaning much harder.
Remember to never block an exit or the handicapped ramp, and that all doors must remain unlocked for the
duration of the event.
Remember that smoking is not allowed inside The Palladium, and that you are responsible for picking up the
cigarette butts outside of the building left by your guests.